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Sunset Valley Farms provides clean grass-fed beef and pork products to households in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Our farm fresh products promote health and enhance wellness in our customers. We provide meat products that are wholesome, clean and safe to feed your family. There is an abundance of evidence for claims that grass-fed beef is healthier to eat than grain-fed beef. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids in our Sunset Valley Farms grass fed beef provide multiple health benefits to you and your family!  High quality beef depends on breeding and feeding. Our beef cattle enjoy grazing the open fields on our farm, enjoying fresh air and freedom of movement in a pristine environment. Grass-fed beef tastes best, and local farms like ours are your best source of healthy local meats.  Additionally, grass fed farming promotes sustainable land management.  Coupled with our bedded pack barn, we are contributing to an eco-friendly environment.  Discover the superior quality of fresh local meat sourced from a responsible farm: discover Sunset Valley Farms. We provide local grass fed beef Our local service area includes Ellington, Tolland, Vernon, Broad Brook, South Windsor, Enfield, and Windsor Locks as well as the rest of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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