March 17, 2020

Janis and Steve, and of course Maggie, at Sunset Valley Farms are beyond wonderful!! When we contacted the farm to buy beef for our small business months ago we knew we made the right choice by how much they care. The cows are all grass fed and all the meat comes vacuum sealed with labels. Even with these hard times we need to help each other and I couldn’t think of a better way than supporting local farms. I will absolutely buy from them again and encourage anyone else who can to do so!  

Kristi G.

February, 2020
Outstanding service and knowledge. The grass fed meat is great tasting, we cannot wait until October for the pig. Very cost effective purchase. Thank you Steve and Jan
Chris C.


Extremely happy with the whole experience! They are very easy and nice to deal with. The meat is DELICIOUS. Very tender and tastes so fresh. It’s hard to explain, but you can really taste the difference. Knowing how the cows are treated and what they’re fed makes a big difference to us. We were also very impressed with how everything was labeled and vacuum packaged. We plan on buying a pig when the time comes. I would highly recommend!
Susan E.
Excellent beef!! Thanks so much for the beef. My wife and I purchased a 1/4 cow from Sunset Valley today. We are blow away with the quality of the meat. Everything comes individually packaged and labeled. We will definitely be purchasing from them again. Thanks Steve and Jan. UPDATE: We purchased half a pig from Steve and Jan as well. The pig was amazing as well! We just ordered a full pig for this year and picked up a 1/2 cow last weekend. Thanks again.
Ryan P.

October, 2017

Saves Time and Money …

Buying from Sunset Valley was our family’s first experience with ordering meat locally, and in bulk. Going with Sunset Valley was the best experience from start to finish! We went with an option that got us about 50 pounds of meat in various cuts. First of all, it’s really cost effective. My EXTREMELY rough calculations showed that for my family and the way that we purchase beef at our normal grocery store, Sunset Valley is about half of the cost. Since we were new to this, I had to purchase a small chest freezer for just over $100 (it’s tucked in the corner of our garage and takes up no space at all).

The owners, Steve and Jan are the nicest people to work with, and walked me through what kind of meat I could expect, what went into the price, and the best way to store and prepare the cuts of meat. Once I had my 50 pounds, (about two banana boxes) we were off!

So as if the experience of working with a wonderful, local farm wasn’t enough to convince us, we were 100% sold after we prepared our first meal. You get about 10 different cuts of meat, all vacuum sealed and labeled: flank steak, stewing meat, kebab meat, T-bones, delmonicos, porter house, rib eyes, roasts, brisket, filets, and ground beef. So opening your freezer is kind of like standing in front of the meat counter at your grocery store, minus the commute!

We went with rib eyes for our first try, and they were so flavorful, so tender and tasted so clean. This was really our first time trying grass fed, and you can taste a big difference in the flavor of the meats. Since then, we’ve made beef stew, where the meat was so tender it almost shredded, and an amazing pot roast. It really is cool knowing when you sit down for dinner what you’re eating, where it came from, and what the cow was fed.

The coolest part I think is that it changes the way you shop. We decide what we want to eat for the week now, based on what we have in the freezer. So we pick which meat we’d like to enjoy for the week and build our shopping list around that. It cuts your shopping bill down significantly each week, and saves time. We usually supplement with one fish meal a week, and the rest we enjoy our meat from Sunset Valley. For our family of three people, we’ve had the meat for over a month, and I’m estimating that the 50 pounds will last us 3-4 months.

I cannot recommend this enough for a family that already shops small/local, but especially to anyone who is on the fence about it. We are already planning on purchasing from Sunset quarterly, so we can continue to save time and money, and have confidence in what we’re eating. BEST experience all around from start to finish!

Adrienne H.
South Windsor



May 9, 2017

Highly Recommended…

This is our 2nd year buying Sunset Valley Beef.  The flavor is delicious; you can tell that the beef is grass fed with no chemicals or hormones, it tastes so much better than supermarket beef.  We love burgers on grill in summer, roast in the crockpot in winter.  We highly recommend Sunset Valley beef and will continue to buy beef each year.

Thank you!   All the best,
Cindi H
Willington, CT


I would highly recommend Sunset Valley Farms. This is the first time that my family and I have bought a quarter cow and the communication with Sunset Valley Farms was incredible. From the start we needed to purchase beef that was not fed a large amount of Soy due to allergies of my 2 year old son. When asked, Janis and Steve diligently checked to make sure that all products (grain and hay) of their cows contained only a small amount of soy. My wife and I were very appreciative of their due diligence. We decided to order the quarter cow and I picked it up this evening. The family was so accommodating and worked around my hectic work schedule and a scheduled vacation. They met me in the evening and I was overwhelmed at the amount of beef from just a quarter of a cow. It was so much meat it forced me to go out that same night and purchase another freezer (thank you Lowes) to fit everything. I know you must be thinking, well he hasn’t tried any of the beef. You’re wrong, I just enjoyed one of the best T-Bone Steaks I have ever eaten. This steak could literally be sliced with a fork. The flavor and texture were perfect. The worst part about it was when the steak was finished, it brings a tear to my eyes. This being the first piece of steak I’ve had and I can only imagine what will be awaiting with each cut of meat. I would highly recommend Sunset Valley Farms, their communication is superb and only rivaled by their product. 

James H.
Harvard, MA