We are coming to the end of winter here at the farm.  Yea!  We are excited to kick of the spring season with a butchering … to provide you with some great burger and steaks for grilling.  

Contact us if you are interested in signing up for a quarter of beef from this next butchering.   A quarter of beef is about 3 or 4 banana boxes of burger, steaks, roasts and some miscellaneous cuts like stew meat and kabobs.  Of course, that includes a box of bones if you would like them.  Check out our latest recipe for Bone Broth and enjoy the multitude of health benefits that you will have!

If a quarter is too much, we’ve recently been finding that a 1/3 (third) of a quarter is very popular.  It averages between 30 – 50 pounds of meat.  The price for a third is based on actual weight and is $6.95 per pound.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us know if you are interested.  You can reach us at 860-670-0495.