It’s that time of year already!  We are taking orders for pork for 2021.  We will be reserving our piglets in April, and they will be arriving at the farm the third week of May.  It’s always exciting to see them at 18 lbs and then watch them grow!  We feed them all summer and butcher in early October.

Their diet consists of grain and seasonal foods.  We love giving our pigs fruits and vegetables from a local market.  They devour it and are always ready for us to bring more!  We know what goes it affects the quality of the meat, so we are sure to keep them on a healthy diet.  

Let us know if you’d like to stop by and visit the farm.  Bring the kiddos … they love to see the pigs!

Call or email today to reserve your 1/2 or whole pig.  Steve can be reached at 860-670-0495 or you can email Jan at

We are waiting for your call!