Merigold and Petunia are mother and grandmother sows to our piglets soon to arrive!  Petunia is due to farrow April 18, and Merigold on May 7.  We are anticipating piglets from Petunia this year.  She is a great momma, who LOVES to eat!  These mommas can have anywhere from 10 – 14 piglets per litter.  Momma does not lick them off.  They find their spot at the table on their own and after a day or two that is established, and they always go back to the same spot! 

At about 2 weeks they get started on some dry feed, while continuing to nurse.  They are weaned at about 4 weeks. Shortly after they start running around, they begin digging in the dirt and wrestling with each other – very entertaining to watch!   Each piglet weighs about 3 – 5 pounds at birth and gains weight rapidly – weighing about 18 pounds when get them at 4 weeks old!  

Let us know if you are interested in purchasing a half or whole pig.  We expect to be butchering at the end of October this year.  The cuts are pork chops, shoulder roast, picnic roast, loin, ham steaks, ham, bacon and for a small up-charge, sausage.  Ham, bacon and sausage are smoked and made here in East Windsor at The Butchery.