Maggie and her puppies!

Some of you may remember our farm dog, Maggie. She is usually greeting you with a friendly bark when you come to pick up your beef. Maggie is a wonderful farm dog and, just yesterday, gave birth to 10, yes 10, Golden Retriever puppies!

We’ve been waiting for these puppies for 63 days!  It’s been an exciting 2 months watching her grow and get ready for these puppies.  We built a new whelping box for her, put her in our mudroom, and there she delivered her puppies.  It was with some amazement that we watched one pup after another be born.  If you’ve never seen it, it is quite a sight to behold!  We have 8 females and 2 males.

Two of our grandchildren stopped by to see the puppies last night.  Three-year-old Trenton asked, “Can I take one home, Grandma?”  Not yet, Trenton.  The puppies will stay here on the farm with their momma for 8 weeks. 

I will update with pictures regularly!