Pork Available!  Unexpectedly, we have a pig not yet spoken for.  Our pigs that we’ve raised since the spring are ready for butchering and we have 1 pig not yet sold!  If anyone is interested in some fabulous pork, give us a call at 860-670-0495 or email jklmoser@gmail.com.

It’s hard to believe it’s butchering time again.  We have 6 pigs (and I mean PIGS) going off to the butcher later today.  We will have another load of 6 going next week.  These pigs are very large!  It will be interesting to see what the actual weight is.  We are guessing between 275-300 lbs!  Hard to believe they were only about 20 lbs when we got them in the Spring.  They just love to eat, and have eaten all summer.  My favorite part is to see them devour the fresh fruits and vegetables we get from the local market.  Johnny Appleseed in Ellington is generous to allow us to have their daily “leftovers”.  We and the pigs are happy about that.

After butchering, the hams, bacon and some sausage will be taken to the smokehouse. We use The Butchery in East Windsor.  Greg has done a great job for us every year, and we anticipate this year to be no exception.  We will soon be enjoying some great bacon, along with other cuts of pork.  The pork is going to be available for customer pick up around the middle of October.