Puppies are now eating 3 meals a day.  They absolutely love to eat!  Right now we are still soaking their food, making it soft and easy for them to eat.  Their teeth are coming in and getting sharp, so soon we will be giving them their food without soaking it.


January 19, 2021 is our vet day for our litter of puppies.  They will get their first check up and series of shots.  I am trying to imagine getting nine wiggly puppies in the car and to the vet.  I’m pretty sure this is a two person job!

January 25, 2021 is “Go To My New Home” day for our puppies.  It’s Official Adoption Day.  It will be a bittersweet day for us – happy to see our puppies going home with their new families – sad for us to not be able to love and cuddle these any more.  Thank you to all the good homes our puppies are going to!