Hello to our customers and prospective customers.  Just want to reach out and wish each of you health and safety in this unprecedented time surrounding COVID-19.  We are maintaining social distancing and trying to follow the guidelines given to us, in the hopes of remaining healthy during this pandemic.  We wish the same for you.

Life around the farm is busy as usual.  Our animals aren’t too concerned about what goes on around them in the people world.  They are busy eating the hay from our summer hay cuttings.  Our grass fed beef are enjoying their new home in the bedded pack barn that was built last year.  This was their first winter in the barn, and the bedded pack seems to be working well.

The cows all have their eyes on the green pastures waiting for Farmer Steve to open those gates!  Next week we will be taking 2 cows for butchering, to get more of that grass fed beef!  Once they go off to the butcher, we will be letting the rest of the herd go out to pasture to feed on that lush green grass.  It’s exciting to see the fields all greening up and starting to grow. 

Our newest family members are 5 kittens from our farm cat Muffin.  She is a first time mom, and doing a great job with her kitties.  2 are spoken for, and 3 are available.  If you know anyone who wants a kitty, feel free to send an email to jklmoser@gmail.com.  We will be happy to give our kitties away to good homes.

Maggie, our farm dog, is enjoying life.  Nothing new going on for her, except having to share attention with the newborn kittens.  Maggie seems to like them well enough, as long as she gets her share of attention.

We hope to see you on the other side of COVID-19, strong and healthy!

-Steve & Jan