We will be purchasing our piglets mid-April this year.  April 1st is less than 4 weeks away!  It’s always exciting to be thinking spring … and thinking piglets.

They are so cute when they first arrive.  Running around their pen trying to learn about their new home at Sunset Valley Farms, here on the Ellington / Broad Brook line.  We have been serving customers in Connecticut and Massachusetts for the past 6 years.  We’ve had customers from New Haven, Wallingford, Vernon, Tolland, Somers, Plantsville, New London and Boston to name a few.

We take orders for our piglets.  So we only purchase as many as we know will be selling in the fall.  They take about 6 – 7 months to grow into about 200 pound pigs! WOW  They sure get big and are probably not quite as cute as they were at 4 weeks old!  Let us know if you are interested in any pork this year.  We sell by the half and whole pig.

Our piglets will feed on grain, and we supplement with fruits and vegetables all season long.  They love almost all fruits and vegetables and get excited when they see us coming with a bucket full!   We know what they eat every day!  Enjoy some fresh, local pork. 

Piglets for Sale CT