We are seeing our round bales diminish and the fields beginning to green up.  We are hopeful that is a simultaneous event – that we have enough hay to make it til the fields are ready for the cows!   Watching things green up reminds me of daffodils that will soon be blooming, trees budding, and staying light later!  Watching the sunset here remains one of our favorite activities!

“Sunset” Valley Farms

We will be getting 8 new calves in the next week or two from the farm we partner with in Suffield.  It’s always fun to see the new ones become part of the fold … herd.  The calves are usually around 500 – 600 lbs when we get them and we raise them til they are about 20 – 24 months.  These calves turn into some pretty amazing grass fed beef!

At this time was are taking orders for pork.  In May we will be getting our piglets from Farmer Gene, right down the road, and father-in-law to our daughter Rebecca.  Gene was born and raised in Illinois and has lots of experience raising hogs.  Gene has learned Berkshire hogs are the best and we are excited that he will be supplying us with 25 this year!  Give us a call or send an email if you’d like to sign up for a half or whole pig.  We will raise them all summer and butcher in the fall … September or October.  Call Steve at 860-670-0495 or email Jan at jklmoser@gmail.com.   We will be posting pictures in May when we get the piglets!