Family Time

Enjoying some family time at the farm.  We are staying safe and healthy, and have a lot to be thankful for!  We’ve welcomed our third grandchild, Alayna Marie, into our hearts and into the home of our daughter Rebecca and her husband Evan. 

By the way, it’s Evan’s dad, Gene, who is the farmer we get our pigs from.  Gene was born and raised in Illinois and has farming in his blood!  We love his Berkshire pigs and the great pork they produce!  It’s nice to support local, and nice to support extended family!

Pork Available – Butchering Soon!!

Pork Available!  Unexpectedly, we have a pig not yet spoken for.  Our pigs that we’ve raised since the spring are ready for butchering and we have 1 pig not yet sold!  If anyone is interested in some fabulous pork, give us a call at 860-670-0495 or email

It’s hard to believe it’s butchering time again.  We have 6 pigs (and I mean PIGS) going off to the butcher later today.  We will have another load of 6 going next week.  These pigs are very large!  It will be interesting to see what the actual weight is.  We are guessing between 275-300 lbs!  Hard to believe they were only about 20 lbs when we got them in the Spring.  They just love to eat, and have eaten all summer.  My favorite part is to see them devour the fresh fruits and vegetables we get from the local market.  Johnny Appleseed in Ellington is generous to allow us to have their daily “leftovers”.  We and the pigs are happy about that.

After butchering, the hams, bacon and some sausage will be taken to the smokehouse. We use The Butchery in East Windsor.  Greg has done a great job for us every year, and we anticipate this year to be no exception.  We will soon be enjoying some great bacon, along with other cuts of pork.  The pork is going to be available for customer pick up around the middle of October.


Pork Available – Mid June

We want to let you all know that we have pork available by the half or whole pig.  

We are partnering with a family farm in Illinois who raises hogs, or pigs, as we know them here in Connecticut.  We are ordering 15 whole pigs that are available for purchase, first come, first served.  This pork can be purchased either by half a pig, or whole.  The hanging weight is approximately 200 lbs per pig. 

The price for a half pig is $410.00 and a whole pig is $820.  We expect this pork to be available mid-June.

The cuts are:

Smoked:           Hams – 2 hams per half, Ham steaks, Bacon

Fresh:                Chops, Roasts, Tenderloin & Ground pork

If you are interested, please respond to this email confirming what you would like to purchase, half or whole.  We are asking for a $150 deposit on the pork.  We have an almost overwhelming amount of interest right now, and we need to confirm the orders so we know exactly what we have available for our customers.  Thank you!

Let us know if you have any questions!  Feel free to contact us at


Connecticut Local Farmers

Quality Meat Products Raised in Connecticut

We invite you to purchase your beef and pork from Connecticut local farmers. At Sunset Valley Farms in Broad Brook CT, you can purchase clean pasture raised beef for your family.  Our beef are raised with the love and care that produces high quality, lean, healthy meat. Our beef graze in our farm’s lush, green pastures and our own hay year-round. Our family breeds angus with charolais or white face to product the best Connecticut local beef on the market.

You have not tasted high quality healthy meat until you try local grass fed beef. Our beef is tender, lean and flavorful. We produce the best tasting beef at Sunset Valley Farms. We are proud to offer our beef and pork to our neighbors. In keeping with our family’s desire to provide a superior product, our animals are not injected with hormones or unnecessary antibiotics.

Our livestock are treated with care and respect, and it shows. Our beef and pork stock are born on the farm and are raised care. Our happy customers purchase in bulk and save money over supermarket beef. Connecticut pasture raised beef purchased from the farm will also save you money! Contact us about our superior farm raised beef and pork. Get to know us! As Connecticut local farmers, Sunset Valley Farms produces the highest quality meats possible. Call 860-670-0495 for information.

Connecticut local farmers


Connecticut Local Farmers | Sunset Valley Farms LLC

Local Farm Raised Pork Ellington CT

Local Farm Raised Pork Ellington CT

Quality Pork Begins With Quality Feeding – Local Farm Raised Pork Near Ellington CT

Sunset Valley Farms in Broad Brook CT is your best source of high quality fresh local pork. We are a family farm and take the quality of our beef and pork very seriously. Sunset Valley Farms pork is bred and fed well to produce high quality healthful meat. We have been fine-tuning our beef and pork farming since 2009. The end product we offer is healthful and flavorful. At Sunset Valley Farms, we are focused on providing products with the highest level of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

fresh local pork

As small family farmers, we invest time and effort into our high quality products to provide the best of the best for our customers! Sunset Valley Farm pigs taste better because they are fed fruits, veggies, food scraps and grain. As with our beef, a high quality diet yields meat with great flavor. We only want the best for our customers! Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a 1/2 pig butchered at a local butcher and smoked only by the best!

Local Farm Raised Pork | Ellington CT | Sunset Valley Farms LLC