Wholesome Connecticut Beef Products

Sunset Valley Farms is proud to supply CT grass fed beef to your family. We believe our beef is the most healthy local beef in Hartford County CT. Pasture raised on our Broad Brook CT farm, our beef eat our own grass and hay.

Sunset Valley Farms raises hardy grass fed beef and pork for the local market. Flavorful, tender cuts of beef begins with breeding. Our beef vary in color and size, the product of angus crossed with charolais or white face. Our beef is flavorful and free of hormones. Tender, beautifully marbled beef is better for your family. Customers swear by our product and save money buying in bulk.

Our beef are Grass fed year round from our own lush pastures. Healthy grass and hay fed beef from Sunset Valley Farms yields the tastiest and most healthful beef around. We bring natural, fresh, healthful hormone-free beef products from our Farm to your table.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing a 1/4 beef. We butcher locally at a USDA approved butcher shop. Sunset Valley Farms is your local source for grass fed beef, grass fed ground beef, with half and quarter beef purchasing options available. If you have not tasted our healthful, hormone-free beef, you owe it to your family to try it today! Call 860-670-0495 for more information.

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