Pork and Beef

Our pigs have been growing like crazy!  They continue to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables that we get right here in Ellington from a local market.  Tomatoes, peaches, squash, beans, peppers and assorted other fruits and veges keep them happy!  They love to eat – I guess that’s why we call them pigs!  At this stage, they are eating all the time and pushing 200 lbs per pig!  Butchering will be at the end of the month so get your freezers ready for some delicious pork.

The last beef butchering for Sunset Valley Farms 2019, will be taking place at the end of September.  The beefers have enjoyed fresh, lush grass all summer long.  We move them from pen to pen about every week to 10 days.  The hay we’ve cut this summer is wrapped and waiting for the winter months.  Send us a text or email if you’re interested in getting on the list from some healthy, lean and delicious beef!