Beef – Grass fed beef benefits

October 24, 2023

While in Colorado this summer on vacation, we ate dinner at an amazing restaurant called Grassburger

We were in Durango, Colorado enjoying the beautiful weather, amazing scenery and very good eats.  We were drawn to this restaurant for obvious reasons … grass fed beef!  Check out their site and learn amazing facts about grass fed beef and the health benefits of including grass fed beef in your diet.

Durango is known for its stunning natural beauty.  We took the train from Durango to Silverton on the narrow gauge railroad.  The beauty was magnificent.  At the end of the day, enjoying dinner at Grassburger’s delicious restaurant, was a perfect ending to our beautiful day.    


We have 25 piglets this year.  Well, not sure how long we can refer to them as piglets.  We got them at about 18lbs each, and they are pushing 100 lbs.  Does that officially make them a pig?

In this picture, the piglets are still pretty little.  Our grandson  loves to go to see the “piggies” and offer them some food.  Soon they will be eating apples, peaches and other fresh fruits and vegetables from a local market.

Lazy Days of Summer

We can only say lazy days of summer because we just finished our 3rd hay cutting.  Thanks to the abundance of rain in July, our cutting was full and lush.  We have enough hay now to carry us through the winter months.  

We need extra this year because we anticipate expanding our herd so we will have more beef to offer to our customers!  That’s You!  Thank you for your past (and future) business.  We love selling our grass fed beef to our faithful long time customers, as well as some new ones we’ve met in the past year.  Right now we are accepting deposits for February, 2024.  If you are interested, please contact us and let us know what you’d like.  The deposit will hold your quarter or half for you.

Our cows are grazing on our pastures for the summer.  We move these Angus / Charolais / Holstein  beef from pen to pen about every 10 – 12 days.  Once they’ve “mowed” all the grass in the pen, we move them to the next pasture.  After we move them, we mow the pasture to cut down any weeds there might be, allowing lush and nutritious grass to grow.  We continue rotating the beef throughout the summer and into the fall, when eventually, we move them to the barn.  Then they feed on the hay we cut during the summer months.  This diet allows us to sell completely grass fed beef to our customers, who are looking for a healthier diet.  Let us know if you’d like to get on our customer list! 

Fall on the Farm

Fall is here, and the temps seem to be dropping more quickly than usual!  We butchered our first group of pigs, and our second batch goes to the butcher this week.  Chores are winding down for the season and we are ready for a slower pace!  

We did our final beef butchering of the year, finished our hay and are ready for the next season.  We have grass fed beef available by the quarter, half or whole beginning 2023.  Currently, our beef is sold through March, so if you want some spring beef, please give us a call at 860-670-0495 or email us at and we will get you on the list.  We are now accepting deposits of $150 to reserve your quarter.

Thanks for your support throughout 2022!


Maggie had her third litter on July 6!  We are so EXCITED.  She is the best mom and doing such a good job feeding and caring for her puppies!  She had 3 girls and 6 boys.  We are looking for loving forever homes for our puppies.  Let us know if you are interested in adding one of these friendly and lovable puppies to your family!  Give me a call at 860-324-2520.

Winter Ends & Spring Takes Over

We are seeing our round bales diminish and the fields beginning to green up.  We are hopeful that is a simultaneous event – that we have enough hay to make it til the fields are ready for the cows!   Watching things green up reminds me of daffodils that will soon be blooming, trees budding, and staying light later!  Watching the sunset here remains one of our favorite activities!

“Sunset” Valley Farms

We will be getting 8 new calves in the next week or two from the farm we partner with in Suffield.  It’s always fun to see the new ones become part of the fold … herd.  The calves are usually around 500 – 600 lbs when we get them and we raise them til they are about 20 – 24 months.  These calves turn into some pretty amazing grass fed beef!

At this time was are taking orders for pork.  In May we will be getting our piglets from Farmer Gene, right down the road, and father-in-law to our daughter Rebecca.  Gene was born and raised in Illinois and has lots of experience raising hogs.  Gene has learned Berkshire hogs are the best and we are excited that he will be supplying us with 25 this year!  Give us a call or send an email if you’d like to sign up for a half or whole pig.  We will raise them all summer and butcher in the fall … September or October.  Call Steve at 860-670-0495 or email Jan at   We will be posting pictures in May when we get the piglets!

Ready for Winter

We have just finished our last butchering of beef for the year.    Our pigs are butchered.  Our hay is cut, baled and wrapped.  It’s starting to look like we are ready for winter!  We’ve got 120 round bales to feed our cows through the winter.  We are extremely thankful for a wonderful hay harvest this year, thanks to the right amount of rain and sunshine.

Soon we will be moving our beef into the barn for the winter.  We’ve gotten a couple of good frosts the last two nights, so we will be opening those round bales before we know it.

We wish to thank all of our customers from this past year.  We butchered a total of 17 cows, providing delicious grass-fed beef to over 60 customers!  We also want to thank our pork customers.  This year we raised 20 pigs and sold our pork to 31 customers.  Again, thank you all.  Without you, we wouldn’t have an operational and productive small family farm!

Thinking ahead to 2022, our January butchering is sold out, but we still have beef available in February and March.  We will be purchasing our piglets in April, so give us a call or send an email to let us know if you are interested in either pork or beef.  You can call Steve at 860-670-0495 or email us at

Holiday blessings from our family to yours!

Bones & Organ Meat

We have a large quantity of beef bones and organ meat.  Please give us a call if you are interested in purchasing some.  The bones make a great bone broth or beef stocky for soup.  

The bones are also great for dog bones!  Just enough meat left on them to make a happy dog!

Calling All Pork Lovers

It’s that time of year already!  We are taking orders for pork for 2021.  We will be reserving our piglets in April, and they will be arriving at the farm the third week of May.  It’s always exciting to see them at 18 lbs and then watch them grow!  We feed them all summer and butcher in early October.

Their diet consists of grain and seasonal foods.  We love giving our pigs fruits and vegetables from a local market.  They devour it and are always ready for us to bring more!  We know what goes it affects the quality of the meat, so we are sure to keep them on a healthy diet.  

Let us know if you’d like to stop by and visit the farm.  Bring the kiddos … they love to see the pigs!

Call or email today to reserve your 1/2 or whole pig.  Steve can be reached at 860-670-0495 or you can email Jan at

We are waiting for your call!

Beef Butchering – 2021

So far this year, we have butchered 6 steers, and have 17 still in the barn.  They are enjoying the hay we harvested last summer.  3 of these will be heading to the butcher mid-April, and beef will be ready in the beginning of May.  Most of these slots are already filled with customers waiting for that delicious grass fed beef!  Covid has certainly kept us busy here at the farm!

After butchering the 3 in April, we won’t be butchering again until August.  We have some customers on the list for that time, so if you are interested, please give us a call or email us to put your name on a quarter.  


Almost 6 weeks Old!

We missed a couple of weeks posting pictures and we are sorry about that!  Lots going on in our lives and family.  We’ve been enjoying the pups every day and wonder what it will be like when they are no longer “ours”.  We will miss them, that is for sure.  We are excited about all their future families.  We feel confident they will be well cared for and loved!

We’ve begun feeding them 3 times per day and Maggie is only nursing twice a day, and will soon be done.  They are growing into roly- poly puppies!  So fun to watch them play together.

Today we decided it was time to add a little “beef” to our puppies.  We put all their food in these cow dishes, and they went after it!  They are being raised on a beef farm, after all!  Check out the photo gallery for more pics…

All Puppies Have New Homes!

We are excited to say that all of our puppies have found new homes.  We feel they are being adopted into wonderful family homes that will love them and care for them!  Formal adoption day is January 25, and until then, we will love and enjoy our time with them in our home.  

We have begun a list of future adoptive families, so if you are looking for an AKC golden in your future, feel free to reach out to us and we will add you to our list.

A big Thank You to each and every one who has reached out to us these past weeks to inquire about our puppies.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Happy New Year!

Three weeks old!

Here we are at three weeks.  Can hardly believe where the time has gone … its holiday time and puppy time for us at the farm!  We have met some wonderful new friends who will be bringing our puppies to their homes at the end of January.  It’s great to meet so many other puppy lovers and share experiences and stories about puppies.  Nothing quite like a puppy to make a person smile … except maybe an adorable grandchild!  And we are blessed to have 3 of those!  Three year old Trenton is doing a great job helping socialize our puppies.  Almost 1 year old Livy is learning “gentle, gentle”.  5 month old Alayna is just taking notice of everything around her, and it’s good she can’t crawl yet, because everything goes in her mouth … and that would probably include something with a puppy!  And we are right here loving it.  

Accepting Deposits


We are now accepting deposits for these adorable AKC puppies!  Just give us a call or send an email and we can set up a visit.  Two of our puppies have loving families waiting to take them home on January 25.  In the meantime, we are enjoying every day with them!  We look forward to hearing from you at 860-324-2520 or


2 Weeks Old!

We added a bit of holiday cheer to Maggie with a bright red festive bow!  She didn’t seem to mind!  The pups are growing quickly.  Their eyes are mostly open and they are beginning to walk.  It’s fun to watch them explore their world and try to navigate their box.

We are excited to soon be meeting their future owners.  Looking for good, loving homes for these sweet pups!  Check back next week for more photos!

1 Week Old!

One week old! It’s hard to believe our Golden Retriever AKC puppies are 1 week old already.  This week has flown by watching these little ones grow.  Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but we definitely think our puppies are adorable!  We can picture them with red and green bows around their necks, all dressed up for Christmas!

New Arrivals – 10 Golden Retriever Puppies

Maggie and her puppies!

Some of you may remember our farm dog, Maggie. She is usually greeting you with a friendly bark when you come to pick up your beef. Maggie is a wonderful farm dog and, just yesterday, gave birth to 10, yes 10, Golden Retriever puppies!

We’ve been waiting for these puppies for 63 days!  It’s been an exciting 2 months watching her grow and get ready for these puppies.  We built a new whelping box for her, put her in our mudroom, and there she delivered her puppies.  It was with some amazement that we watched one pup after another be born.  If you’ve never seen it, it is quite a sight to behold!  We have 8 females and 2 males.

Two of our grandchildren stopped by to see the puppies last night.  Three-year-old Trenton asked, “Can I take one home, Grandma?”  Not yet, Trenton.  The puppies will stay here on the farm with their momma for 8 weeks. 

I will update with pictures regularly!

Family Time

Enjoying some family time at the farm.  We are staying safe and healthy, and have a lot to be thankful for!  We’ve welcomed our third grandchild, Alayna Marie, into our hearts and into the home of our daughter Rebecca and her husband Evan. 

By the way, it’s Evan’s dad, Gene, who is the farmer we get our pigs from.  Gene was born and raised in Illinois and has farming in his blood!  We love his Berkshire pigs and the great pork they produce!  It’s nice to support local, and nice to support extended family!

Pork Available – Butchering Soon!!

Pork Available!  Unexpectedly, we have a pig not yet spoken for.  Our pigs that we’ve raised since the spring are ready for butchering and we have 1 pig not yet sold!  If anyone is interested in some fabulous pork, give us a call at 860-670-0495 or email

It’s hard to believe it’s butchering time again.  We have 6 pigs (and I mean PIGS) going off to the butcher later today.  We will have another load of 6 going next week.  These pigs are very large!  It will be interesting to see what the actual weight is.  We are guessing between 275-300 lbs!  Hard to believe they were only about 20 lbs when we got them in the Spring.  They just love to eat, and have eaten all summer.  My favorite part is to see them devour the fresh fruits and vegetables we get from the local market.  Johnny Appleseed in Ellington is generous to allow us to have their daily “leftovers”.  We and the pigs are happy about that.

After butchering, the hams, bacon and some sausage will be taken to the smokehouse. We use The Butchery in East Windsor.  Greg has done a great job for us every year, and we anticipate this year to be no exception.  We will soon be enjoying some great bacon, along with other cuts of pork.  The pork is going to be available for customer pick up around the middle of October.


Premium Burger

We are partnering with a local farm here in Ellington and are offering 40lb boxes of premium ground beef.  This beef comes individually wrapped in 1 lb packages and tastes amazing!

An important note, this is NOT grass fed.  We are experiencing a high demand for beef right now, and our small family farm is not able to meet the demand.  Hence, we our partnering with a trusted local farm for some premium burger.  We’ve enjoyed this burger with our family and find it delicious. 

It’s grilling season, and we’ve got the beef!  Let us know if you are interested in one of these 40lb boxes.  We expect to have a steady supply for the rest of the summer and into the fall.  Email us at or give Steve a call at 860-670-0495 to put your name on a box of beef!